Pet Rescue Saga Level 30 Walkthrough 2015

Our technique in Pet Rescue Saga Level 30 is to first eliminate the blocks on the top of the display, preventing them from getting too high. Then, when the number of moves becomes close for comfort, you can quickly remove all of remaining blocks by using a couple of bombs that come handy during the more difficult moments.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 30 Objectives:

The goal in Pet Rescue Saga Level 30 is to clear 100% of the blocks and rank 12,000 points.

How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 30:

In Pet Rescue Saga Level 30, you see that the panel is in the shape of a pyramid with a few bombs and caged blocks inserted in between the rows. The columns are loaded with blocks of the same colors, so look out for matches that can eliminate blocks along the edges of the pyramid in order to start eliminating them.

Once you remove the caged blocks, you can open up the panel for more combinations and opportunities. The bombs can get you out trouble in Pet Rescue Saga Level 30. Ensure that you keep some of these useful tools towards the end of the stage. This way, if there are any separated block that cannot be matched, you can quickly eliminate them just by blasting a close by bomb.

Video Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga Level 30:

See the following video to understand better the strategy of the game.

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