Pet Rescue Saga Level 32 Walkthrough 2015

In Pet Rescue Saga Level 32, the strategy becomes even more important as you have a limited number of moves to save many pets, so, in a way, you have to anticipate the next sequence of blocks that will appear on the screen

Pet Rescue Saga Level 32 Objectives:

The goal of Pet Rescue Saga Level 32 is to save 12 pets and get 12,000 points.

How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 32:

In Pet Rescue Saga Level 32, if you remove the locked blocks in the center, the whole center of the panel will be filled with caged blocks from above and the whole area with caged blocks will become even more challenging to go deal with. Instead, refrain from using the key and eliminate the blocks on top and on the sides of the center as usual. This will affect the balance to the panel and it will be simpler to crack the whole number of cages in the end.

If you have a big booster, use it to eliminate all wires, otherwise you will lose a few moves when trying to remove them by destroying nearby blocks. Bombs that drop into the panel are the best help to complete the stage quickly. Use them bravely in order to destroy as many blocks as you can with just one move. Power up the booster and, near the end of Pet Rescue Saga Level 32, eliminate all blocks or columns that are left over on the panel.

Video Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga Level 32:

Watch our video tutorials to help you understand the best moves at this stage.



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