Pet Rescue Saga Level 37 Walkthrough 2015

For Pet Rescue Saga Level 37, try to focus on taking advantage of all the blocks on the panel as you go along with the game, since you will have to clear all of them to pass the level.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 37 Objectives:

The objective in Pet Rescue Saga Level 37 is to clear 100% of the blocks and earn 20,000 points.

How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 37:

Try to release all the keys on the panel before opening the first group of concrete blocks in Pet Rescue Saga Level 37, so this way you will have them prepared to use during the stage without needing the smash them. You can power up the rocket booster to free all keys since you will have enough chances to recharge it. Keep all balloons for the end of the stage and make sure there are no locked blocks before using them, even if there could remain an odd persistent block! But using these balloons will recharge the booster if you need it.

One of the hardest elements is to avoid losing blocks from dropping them from the top in the end of Pet Rescue Saga Level 37. If you eliminate the left part first, is not only simpler to avoid this from occurring, but it also better to avoid smashing key blocks by error, while helping you keep search for your keys on the board.

Video Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga Level 37:

Get the best score for this level, after watching carefully this useful walkthrough video.


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