Pet Rescue Saga Level 38 Walkthrough 2015

In Pet Rescue Saga Level 38, the pets will represent the main objective for the player looking to go further into the many levels of the game.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 38 Objectives:

The goal of Pet Rescue Saga Level 38 is to save 6 pets and collect 3,000 points.

How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 38:

First, carry down the key in the center and try to eliminate as many blocks as you can before opening the series of caged blocks in Pet Rescue Saga Level 38. It is the easiest way to demolish the pet cages by using the various bombs on the screen rather than pairing them up. Always try to burst several cages with just a single blast, so you can have some extra left at the end in case you need more

Freeing the keys releases all bombs and allows you to move forward and away from the first sequence of chained blocks. Crack this in the beginning, in the lowest number of matches possible, and then you can blast the remaining blocks more tactically later on Pet Rescue Saga Level 38.

It is very likely that, at the lower part of the panel, you will have some pet crates that need to be blasted, and saving more bombs for such a tricky operation will make everything a lot simpler. Do not use these bombs to eliminate only colored blocks.

Video Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga Level 38:

Watch the walkthrough clip in order to reach you goal and in the shortest time.



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