Pet Rescue Saga Level 46 Walkthrough 2015

Use the line blaster boosters from the start of Pet Rescue Saga Level 46 to free all caged blocks. After this, be careful to eliminate the blocks under the animals with the same row blasters that are in this stage.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 46 Objectives:

The goal of Pet Rescue Saga Level 46 is to save 4 pets and get 17,000 points.

How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 46:

First, take the pet cages down as much as you can, and if is possible try to eliminate all blocks beneath them. Then, use the pair of springs to free the blocks and then remove them too. When you get to the end of Pet Rescue Saga Level 46 make sure to release the spring on the left part of the board first, then the right one to get access to the key.

Blasting the maximum number of blocks before using the first blasters against the rows on the panel will ensure that you have advanced on the panel as far as you can go from the beginning. Eliminate big combinations of blocks to get the boosters charged, but preserve them for when any animals are at risk of dropping off if they get too high on the columns. This can help you to avoid losing these precious animals.

Video Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga Level 46:

This video follows the best tactic to complete the level in a limited number of moves.


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