Pet Rescue Saga Level 47 Walkthrough 2015

In Pet Rescue Saga Level 47 use line blasters for the rows with caged animals to free them. Then release another one to eliminate a row of steel containers under the animals. After this, try to charge the booster by clearing groups of blocks.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 47 Objectives:

The objective of Pet Rescue Saga Level 47 is to save 6 pets and collect 11,000 points.

How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 47:

Use the booster for the column that has the key in it and launch it. Then remove the huge groups of similarly colored blocks to earn the necessary points and trigger the blaster simultaneously. Use the booster for a column with a bomb. Then use the bomb to eliminate the steel boxes under the animals and save them.

The steel blocks are hard to get rid of, and before shooting a row, try to eliminate as many metal containers as you can. Removing random matches is not a good idea, because they do not bring the maximum number of points and you will not reach the 11,000 points target.

Use the springs to eliminate the metal boxes, but make sure to keep at least one to remove the line of steel containers along the end of the display. Then just power up the booster to save the rest of the animals.

Video Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga Level 47:

If you want to know what to do on the difficult situations, we recommend you to take a close look to this video to understand the tactics.

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