Pet Rescue Saga Level 50 Walkthrough 2015

In Pet Rescue Saga Level 50, spring boosters are your best friend to carry out your tasks. Use them courageously to eliminate the metal containers that stop you from saving the animals. This stage is really simple for anybody who knows and thinks ahead the steps needed to complete it.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 50 Objectives:

The goal in Pet Rescue Saga Level 50 is to save 10 pets and collect 13,000 points.

How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 50:

The steel blocks are the biggest hassle on Pet Rescue Saga Level 50, because there are no easy methods to eliminate them with a simple match, and these blocks will definitely stop your animals from reaching the floor and being released. Fortunately, there are some line blasters discovered in-game that can be used to remove the annoying blocks. Wait for some well-placed boosters until a row of metal blocks is aligned with and trigger the line blaster to remove them.

Besides to the line blasters, Pet Rescue Saga Level 50 offers you a variety of balloons spread around the panel. These are good to keep the panel going down, but it is better to use the balloons until no matches can be made on the screen, or only little matches can be created. They are an advantageous last weapon that can keep the panel shifting during periods when you cannot do it by yourself.

Video Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga Level 50:

Watch our walkthrough movie to see how to defeat this level within the restricted number of moves allowed for you.


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