Privacy Policy

Note: by ‘KingHints’ or ‘we’ or ‘us’ we refer to the owner of this website, while the term ‘you’ refers to the visitor, reader or user of our content. By content we are referring to (and it is not limited to) written material, design, videos, graphics, logo, practically everything you find on our website.

We are dedicated to protecting the privacy of our web page visitors; in this section, we describe how we treat your individual info. We will ask you to approve our use of cookies depending on the conditions of these rules when you first check out our sites. By using the websites and accepting these terms, you approve our use of cookies depending on the conditions of this policy.

You must maintain the below rules, unless you buy a permit to use the services without the money score. Warning: use of the terms without the legal permit, or without purchasing a permit, is a violation of trademark.

We can gather, store and utilize the following types of individual data:

  • data about your computer or about the visits to or use of the websites (including the IP number, location, web browser type and edition, OS, recommendation source, visit lengths, reviews and web page routing paths;
  • data that you offer to us when applying to our sites (including e-mail addresses);
  • data that you offer when finishing your customer profile on the web page (including the name, customer profile images, sex, birth date, relationship status, hobbies and interests, educational info and employment info;
  • data that you offer to us for the objective of signing up for our e-mail notices and/or updates (including the name and e-mail addresses;
  • data that you offer to us when utilizing the solutions on our web pages, or that is produced in the course of the implementation of those solutions (including the moment, regularity and design of support use;
  • data regarding any purchases you make of our goods/solutions/products and/or services or all other dealings that you go into through our web pages (including your name, location, contact number, current e-mail and card info;
  • data that you post on our web pages for distribution on the Internet (including customer names, your customer profile images and the material within your posts;
  • data included in or regarding any interaction that you enter with us or enter through our web pages (including the material and meta-data associated with the respective communications;
  • any other individual information that you want to deliver to us and provide information of other individual preferences collected.

Before you reveal to us information regarding another individual, you must obtain that individual’s approval to both its disclosure and the handling of that individual information according to the privacy policy.

Using individual information

Personal information presented to us via our web pages will be used for the reasons specified in the policy and on the relevant web pages of our site.

We can use your individual information to:

  • administer our web pages and business;
  • personalize our web pages for you;
  • enable the use of the solutions available on the website;
  • send you products bought through the website;
  • supply you with solutions bought through the website;
  • send notices, receipts and transaction pointers to you, and gather expenses from you;
  • send you various non-marketing economic communications;
  • send you e-mail notices that you have particularly requested;
  • send you our e-newsletter, if you have asked for it (you can notify us whenever you want if you do not need the newsletter);
  • send you emails regarding our company or the businesses of select third parties, that we believe might be of interest to you, if you have particularly decided this, by e-mails or similar technologies (you can notify us whenever you want if you do not need promotional communications);
  • provide third parties information about the users (but these third parties are not capable to identify any individual customer from that data;
  • resolve inquiries and problems made by and about you regarding our website;
  • keep our web pages protected and prevent frauds;
  • verify conformity with the conditions regulating the use of our web pages (including tracking personal messages sent via our web pages and personal texting service) and other uses.

If you send individual information for publishing on our web pages, we will post and otherwise utilize that data depending on the permit you offer to us.

Your privacy configurations can be used to restrict the distribution of your data on our web pages, and can be modified using privacy management on the websites.

We cannot, without your express approval, provide your individual data to any third parties for the objective of their and any other person’s direct promotion.

All our online financial dealings are managed through our transaction solutions company. You can analyze the provider’s online plan in the specialized section. We will offer data with our transaction company only to the level necessary for the reasons of handling expenses you make via our web pages, refunding such expenses and dealing with problems and concerns related to such expenses and reimbursements.

Disclosing individual information

We may reveal your individual data to any of our employers, authorities, insurance providers, professional experts, agents and subcontractors, as reasonably as is necessary for the objectives set out in the plan.

We may reveal your individual data to any part of our team of companies (this meaning subsidiaries, holding company or all its subsidiaries) as reasonably as is necessary for the objectives set out in the plan.

We may reveal your individual data:

  • to the level that we are requested to do it by law;
  • in relation with any continuous or potential legal proceedings;
  • in purchase to establish, exercise or protect our privileges (including providing data to others for the reasons of scams protection and reducing credit score risk);
  • to the individual (or potential purchaser) of any company or resource that we are (or are intend to) selling;
  • to any individual who we believe might apply to a judge or other competent power for disclosure of that individual data where, in our personal opinion, such judge or power would be likely to order the disclosure of that individual data.

Except as specified in the privacy policy above, we will not offer your individual data to third parties.