Pet Rescue Saga Level 177 Walkthrough

Hello and welcome back to King Hints’ Pet Rescue Saga Level 177 walkthrough! We hope you had fun playing this addictive game, and now it’s the time to beat a fairly difficult level, Pet Rescue Saga Level 177. This is a quite difficult level, but I you watch our video and closely follow the instructions, you shouldn’t lose many lives on this particular level. Let’s see the objectives first!

Pet Rescue Saga Level 177 Objectives:

These are the main objectives that you will have to reach if you want to beat Pet Rescue Saga level 177. Let’s check them out together.

Rescue the pets. This time, you have to rescue 5 little furry friends to pass this level, so watch out and protect your pets from the dangers around them.

Score the points. You need to score a minimum of 10,000 to pass the Pet Rescue Saga Level 177, which is not a huge amount.

No move limit. Good news! The current level of Pet Rescue Saga has no move limit so you can take your time and finish the Pet Rescue Saga Level 177 at your own pace.

After we’ve seen the objectives, let’s take a look at our strategy for beating this level without wasting precious lives.

How to Beat the Pet Rescue Saga level 177:

The Pet Rescue Saga level 177 is not impossible to beat – you just need a good strategy to do it.

The level starts out with all your five furry pets stranded on top of the board. You need to start breaking blocks and use the bombs if you want to set your pets free and complete Pet Rescue Saga level 177. Luckily, you have no move limit, so there should not be problems with achieving your goal.

An important trick to remember is that if you are to save all your pets, you need to save as many boosters as you can. To beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 177, try not to waste the boosters too early, wait until the line reaches the top, so keep some around for the end. Also, if you manage to save some balloons, they will come in handy when you are getting near the end of the level.

When all your five pets have reached the last line, at the bottom of your board, and you have gained all the 10,000 points; you can start celebrating. You have completed the 177 level!

Video Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga Level 177:

Pet Rescue Saga Level 177 might seem a bit challenging at first, but if you follow our instructions, you should easily manage to save your pets and beat this one really fast. Don’t forget about our tricks and check out this YouTube video walkthrough created by our team of experts.

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