Pet Rescue Saga Level 186 Walkthrough

Hello and welcome back! We’re glad to see you again and we can’t wait to share our latest walkthrough article dedicated to Pet Rescue Saga Level 186! This level is a tough one, so you will benefit from our helpful tips.

Before we get back to playing our favorite, highly-addictive game, let’s just look over the objectives for this level. After you check out the Pet Rescue Saga Level 186 Objectives, you can start playing this challenging game!

Pet Rescue Saga Level 186 Objectives:

The good news is that this level offers us the pleasure of rescuing our favorite furry friends. During the Pet Rescue Saga Level 186 you will have plenty of things to do, so you should be careful if you want to beat this one.

Here are the objectives for this level:

  • Rescue the pets. In order to beat this level, you must rescue 6 pets! It sounds lie a lot, right? We know that, but rest assured, you can do it for sure. All you need to do is follow our guidelines.
  • Score the points. To pass Pet Rescue Saga Level 186 you must score 20.000 points, so make sure to pay attention to this while playing.
  • No moves limit! Another great news about this level is that you don’t have a moves limit, which means you can take your time to score the points and save the cute pets.

Now that you know the main objectives for Pet Rescue Saga Level 186, it is now time to head to the tips and tricks section and make sure that you will beat this one in no time. Just follow our expert advice and you are good to go!

How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 186:

A great trick to know from the beginning is that you should be careful with your bombs and try to save them until the end of the level. Don’t waste them, but rather try to use them just when you can destroy more than one box from underneath your pet. This way you will manage to release a pet as well!

If you need to use your bombs when there are no other available options left, just try to use them to clear the center blocks first. Leave the sides for later and use your rockets carefully. Also, try to build and clear large piles of blocks, so you get as many points as possible.

Remember that your goals for Pet Rescue Saga Level 186 are to save the pets, but also to score the minimum required points.

Video Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga Level 186:

Still stuck on Pet Rescue Saga Level 186? We have prepared a video walkthrough to help you advance to the next level. Take a look at our tips and tricks below and don’t forget to visit our YouTube channel. Thanks for watching!

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