Pet Rescue Saga Level 181 Walkthrough

Hello and welcome back! Today we are getting ready to crack yet another difficult level of Pet Rescue Saga Level 181! This level is a really cool one because it has cute pets, bombs and tons of colorful blocks. Don’t let yourself be intimidated by this brand new level, because we will show you how to beat it in no time.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 181 Objectives:

First, let’s see the objectives you have to meet if you want to pass on to the next level of Pet Rescue Saga. These are the three objectives of Pet Rescue Saga Level 181:

  • Save the pets. In this level, you need to rescue three little pets who are waiting for your help to escape.
  • Score the points. You must get over 14,000 points if you want to complete this level. This number of points would not be such a big problem if it wasn’t for the moves limit that forces you to be efficient.
  • Moves limit. You must complete all your tasks in under 40 moves to finish Pet Rescue Saga Level 181, but don’t despair, we have a few aces up our sleeve to help you.

Now that you know what challenges lie in your way to beat the Pet Rescue Saga Level 181let’s see how you can overcome them and beat this fairly difficult level. Follow the instructions in our walkthrough and you will finish the level super fast.

How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 181:

To beat Pet Rescue Saga 181 you need a combination of patience, imagination and some good tricks that we will present now. The difficulty of this level comes from the 40 moves limit which prevents you from wasting your moves on useless tricks.

The key to achieve this is to not let yourself be distracted by the three line blasters available, because in fact you only need the middle one. With the middle blaster and the bombs, it will become super easy to beat this tricky level and get a great score. Following our strategy, you will get to the bottom of this tough level in the blink of an eye.

Video Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga Level 181:

Are you still a bit unsure of how to pull this off? Are you still having problems with the Pet Rescue Saga Level 181? Well, there is no reason to worry about it. Our step by step video walkthrough will show you exactly what you have to do in order to complete this level. Check it out, and if you want more videos, head to our YouTube channel to see what our team has prepared. Good luck!

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