Pet Rescue Saga Level 13 Walkthrough 2015

These Pet Rescue Saga Level 13 tips and tricks will help any gamer get over the obstacles much quicker. Just follow them and the blocks will be matched in almost no time and without difficulties.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 13 Objectives:

The objective of Pet Rescue Saga Level 13 is to save 5 pets and rank 20,000 points under your name.

How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 13:

Sometimes, you will see a stage with a pet rescue objective where the animals are not very high on the columns of blocks when the level begins. This is not uncommon, rather it is another method to get the pets on the ground. As you create matches and make new empty areas on the panel, animals will fall on the ground before clearing all the blocks on the board. Pet Rescue Saga Level 13 adds an extra factor of challenge to the experience because you have to make additional work to collect all necessary points to pass the stage.

Since you do not know exactly how to make all the matches and cannot determine the matches to get the blocks nicely to the floor, your best bet for these stages is to use the color pop balloon, a great tool to burst the harder blocks, creating the biggest possible damages to the panel, without running out of moves.

Video Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga Level 13:

To learn more about all intricate details of this simple, yet complex, game, watch our short tutorials on Pet Rescue Saga Level 13 and all the other levels in it.

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