Pet Rescue Saga Level 174 Walkthrough

Hello! Welcome to the Pet Rescue Saga level 174 walkthrough by King Hints! Have you had fun up to now? Good! Now it’s about to get tricky. Still, the Pet Rescue Saga level 174 won’t be too hard, but it will prove a challenge for one particular reason. It’s been a long time since we’ve had such a type of level, so you’re probably already searching for how we used to complete them. It was really simple! Here’s a reminder:

Pet Rescue Saga Level 174 Objectives:

The following list presents all the objectives of the Pet Rescue Saga level 174. Watch out:

  • Rescue the pets. Well technically, there’s just one pet that you have to rescue for the present Pet Rescue Saga level. If it helps, we can guarantee the furry creature is a cute one at that.
  • Score the points. The number of points that you need to score for this here level is 13,000. That’s actually decent compared to the number of blocks that you have to bust for this level.
  • Respect the move limit. Here we are again! There’s a move limit for the Pet Rescue Saga level 174. This limit is 40 moves. That means that you have to finish both objectives above in this time.

Now that we’ve seen the objectives, let’s look at how to beat this one!

How to Beat the Pet Rescue Saga level 174:

The Pet Rescue Saga level 174 is beatable – you just need to know a few tricks. If you manage to get past the first few moves correctly, chances are you’ll be done in no time. And by no time I mean about two minutes.

The level starts out with a single, lonely pet stranded to the top right of the board. You have to start breaking some blocks and using the balloons in order to bring it towards the bottom of the board. But be mindful of the move limit? Use as many special blocks as you can and don’t tarry too much on single blocks. Try to make huge combinations of blocks and pop them one by one.

Don’t forget that the pet needs to be brought to the lower left of the board in order for you to win. Likewise, don’t try to play a hero and clear out all of the blocks – they will keep on coming and you will fail.

Video Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga Level 174:

If you still need some advice on how to complete the Pet Rescue Saga level 174, we will sending you to the video guide made by our team of experts. You can check it out by clicking play here or by going to our YouTube channel.

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