Pet Rescue Saga Level 22 Walkthrough 2015

Pet Rescue Saga Level 22 is a huge stage and you must be patient to finish it. In the display, there are various animals and to be able to successfully pass the stage you have to save 8 of them. That indicates that you have to opportunity to defeat it, even if you do not make the best moves.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 22 Objectives:

The objective of Pet Rescue Saga Level 22 is to save 8 pets and collect 42,810 points.

How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 22:

The bombs are a useful gizmo and offer plenty of help when you try to remove blocks, but these come even better when the blocks that surround them are all of different colors. The caged blocks are not removed so easily and to obtain the maximum from each move, you have to calculate your steps beforehand. The limited number of moves are not so much of a problem, because the pets which have to be saved are only 8, unlike other levels.

Use the bombs inside the columns as a first move. Keep eliminating all blocks under the animals with the booster (that is activated) when required, to be able to clear different blocks on the display. Just an extra tip: Keep a bomb for the last moves of Pet Rescue Saga Level 22, when you can see the end of the panel, because you will need it at some point there.

Video Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga Level 22:

Here you can see a walkthrough tutorial for Pet Rescue Saga Level 22.

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