Pet Rescue Saga Level 28 Walkthrough 2015

In Pet Rescue Saga Level 28, you can use the keys to open up all locked blocks. To make use of these keys activate them and make them reach the locked blocks or upper ledges to be able to break the glass and eliminate the remaining blocks on the panel.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 28 Objectives:

The objective of Pet Rescue Saga Level 28 is to save 5 pets and collect 10,000 points.

How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 28:

Pet Rescue Saga Level 28 is not a challenging stage. Just have the booster by your side to use it during the last steps of the level, when many rows on the board will be occupied by locked blocks. Use the bombs in a line to eliminate the isolated blocks. After that, removing the large groups will be a lot easier, allowing you to save the pets and collect a higher number of points to pass the level.

Be careful with the blocks that cannot be matched that remain in the different parts of the panel. If these are on left, they will remain there on whatever hurdle they are on until a column is too high and gradually drop off. Dropping blocks can be the last thing you need in a stage where you have to save 5 pets from the panel, especially before you can even anticipate the next blocks.

Video Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga Level 28:

In the video below, see the steps that what you have to follow to advance further into the game.

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