Pet Rescue Saga Level 2 Walkthrough 2015

The introduction to this game is ongoing in its second level, Pet Rescue Saga Level 2. Your focus is to clear as bigger number of blocks as you can and rescue the pets on top of them to get a greater ranking.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 2 Objectives:

Your objective at the second level is to save 5 pets and earn 27,000 points in order to move on into the game.

How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 2:

When Pet Rescue Saga Level 2 begins, you will see that there are some columns of blocks that can be clicked with no problem for extra points. You can go forward, match them easily, and advance to the next level, but why not rank the highest number of points possible? Try to make Pet Rescue Saga Level 2 as efficient as possible, by bursting at first the groups with a fewer numbers of blocks. This will make space for other blocks with similar colors in the other places on the screen to gather for much bigger matches

Video Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga Level 2:

To see how you can pass Pet Rescue Saga Level 2 and the rest of the levels, follow us on our website to learn all the tricks of the game.

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