Pet Rescue Saga Level 6 Walkthrough

Pet Rescue Saga Level 6 is quite simple to figure it out. There is no need for additional tricky guidelines or techniques. Just eliminate the group of similarly colored blocks.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 6 Objectives:

The goal of Pet Rescue Saga Level 6 is to rescue 6 pets and collect 16,000 points.

How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 6:

Pet Rescue Saga Level 6 presents a new type off blocks that are falling from above as you try to match them in order to eliminate them and earn the necessary points. Some pets are situated on a higher ground that has free access to below only on its sides, so you will have to make space on the laterals to let the pets reach the ground.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 6 also presents obstacles, these being stuff that take up the empty space on the panel and are not moving. Obstacles affect the way in which blocks drop and add a new powerful activity to the gaming experience. You now have to take into consideration how these blocks will drop in a different way when you create matches. In this stage, the challenges are a few things that more or less divide the panel into separate quadrants. Other stages will have other challenges, such as gaps in the panel!

Video Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga Level 6:

Learn about the tips and tricks necessary to easily pass the level by watching our video tutorials.

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