Pet Rescue Saga Level 33 Walkthrough 2015

This new edition of Pet Rescue Saga Level 33 does not pose so many challenges as the previous ones. You just have to free the key located in the right area of the display and utilize it to open up the closed blocks. A booster is triggered at once and you have to use it for the unmatched groups of blocks.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 33 Objectives:

The objective in Pet Rescue Saga Level 33 is to save 9 pets and earn 18,000 points.

How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 33:

Pet Rescue Saga Level 33 presents the Master Key tools to the gaming experience, which helps a lot on stages where you have to remove locked blocks, but you do not actually have the necessary number of moves to spend doing this operation. We suggest that you eliminate the closed blocks by yourself for most of the time, because this strategy will be a lot more beneficial that to just select a different tool that is more flexible, such as the Master Key booster.

Unlock the key and remove all the blocks under the animals in order to save them within the limited number of moves in Pet Rescue Saga Level 33. The steel containers have to be eliminated with the bombs that are placed in all quadrants of the display.

Video Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga Level 33:

Still cannot beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 33? Take a close look at our walkthrough video.



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