Pet Rescue Saga Level 48 Walkthrough 2015

Pet Rescue Saga Level 48 is a truly challenging level. On the display, there are cages with animals and you have to rescue all 12 of them.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 48 Objectives:

The goal in Pet Rescue Saga Level 48 is to save 12 pets and earn 20,000 points.

How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 48:

It is quite possible to lose a pet during the attempt to reach your objective. The hard factor is getting to the bottom of the panel. Do not use the first booster until you have spent the majority of all 45 moves. Choose to use the balloons to destroy the blocks, and only after them activate the master booster. When you are near the end of Pet Rescue Saga Level 48, use the bombs left on the board to eliminate the blocks under the animals to save them.

The steel boxes are some of the hardest to get rid of. Stay away from detonating the bombs until a lot of steel blocks surround them so that you can eliminate large groups of squares from the panel at once. A high column can both be beneficial and damaging for the player. Creating columns with many metal blocks is a great way to take them off the panel.

Video Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga Level 48:

Watch this walkthrough tutorial to complete Pet Rescue Saga Level 48. While every stage is different from the past ones, viewing this clip can help you to understand the strategy.



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