Pet Rescue Saga Level 31 Walkthrough 2015

Much simpler than other stages, Pet Rescue Saga Level 31 is also focused only on the clearing of the blocks in it. Just concentrate on the bigger matches and use the bombs at the appropriate time to be able to remove all the blocks. Besides, there is a booster too and the bombs (that should be activated when they are in the middle of a group of blocks) are extremely helpful to you if the obstacles are going to become a little more challenging.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 31 Objectives:

The goal of Pet Rescue Saga Level 31 is to eliminate 100% of the blocks and collect 13,000 points.

How to Beat Pet Rescue Saga Level 31:

There are bigger and smaller matches on the board, so it is recommended to start with the bigger ones in Pet Rescue Saga Level 31. Pop the balloons whenever it is necessary, but try to save the bombs for later, since they can destroy blocks of all colors, not just one type of blocks.

Remember that one advantage of the bombs is that these do not hurt the pets too, so go ahead and bomb all the blocks that get in your way when trying to complete the stage. Even if in Pet Rescue Saga Level 31 there are no animals to rescue, matching the blocks will be more than enough to earn all the points needed.

Video Walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga Level 31:

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